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DEFINITION The Hesiometer is a software driven Blade Cutting Adhesion Tester intended for use in testing the bond strength of epoxies, bonding agents, paints and inks, laminates and other thick coatings.

For all but viscoelastic coatings, there is an optimum blade force and angle which cause a sharp blade to project an interfacial splitting plane down a coating interface. The interface splitting condition is sensed by the acoustic energy created, and by cutting force changes.

Practical adhesion tests do not require sample preparation. Scientific level INTRINSIC ADHESION ENERGY tests require special techniques and sample preparation.



TOOLING The Hesiometer platform consists of a cutting head assembly above the deck, a pull-down force system and a transducer below the deck. The cutting head contains a vertically mounted sample holder, which moves at a constant rate of travel, and an assembly containing a hyper-sharp blade, with precision goniometer for resetting blade angle to an exact location. Optimum blade angle and blade force must be empirically derived for different coating types prior to testing. The test is unique in that it can evaluate multi-layer structures where weak layers underlie highly adherent layers.