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ROMULUS can be outfitted with a low range force transducer for executing a large number of 1g to 2000g. Each uses the pull-up facility used in all peel tests, a few of the many possibilities are described below.
Ball Bond Shear Test A structure, identical to the wire bond structure, is used, except that a micro-shear wedge replaces the micro hook. Force is applied against a ball bond or micro-component edge, with failure load measured on the micro-range transducer. Also perfect for rows in Ball Grid Arrays.

BGA Strength Test Ball Grid Array Tests can be executed on both micro and macro range tests because of the large ball size (larger than wire bond balls).
Wire Loop Test Samples are held on an X-Y floating stage. Any wire can be engaged by a micro-hook which is stabilized by a linear bearing and suspended from the take-up wheel. Hook engagement of micro wires requires the video microscope option. Also adaptable to ball pull and stitch pull.
Tab Bond Peel Test The Low Force Pull-Up unit can be outfitted to measure TAB conductor traces by tape assisted methods or direct peel. A gram level force is applied to peel the entire TAB or beam lead l ength from the chip, through the fan out and to the bond pad. By continuing the pull-up, the tensile strength of the TAB is measured.
SMT Lead Pull Test The SMT device is cut at the package line and each individual lead is clamped and peeled to evaluate the solder bond strength for "J" and "L" bonds. Gull wing bonds can be peeled to show region of minimum strength.