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All pull up/peel tests are executed using a gallows structure mounted on a platform deck. It contains a take-up wheel with a precisely setable peel rate. A sample holder appropriate to each test is mounted in the force transducer, located below the deck. The peel force is continually measured. Tape assisted peel of non self-supporting coatings can be executed by the tests described below.
180° Peel Test Both flexible and rigid substrate tests are executed using the unit shown here. Rigid substrates are clamped onto the unit face; flexible substrate material is clamped and tensioned on the rear of the plate. The unit can execute peel-back tests for coatings such as thin films, tapes, labels, and laminates.
90° Rigid Substrate Peel Test The pulley-driven stage moves laterally at the same rate as the vertical pull rate. This maintains the 90° angle established at the test start. Aggressive tape can be used to test thin or fragile coatings. Tests include hybrid bond pad peel and micro-range pull up tests. For "J", "L", and gull wing bond Peel Tests.
90° Flexible Substrate Peel Test By mounting the sample on the periphery of a free running German Wheel, the coating is peeled from the substrate. The 90° angle is maintained by the free rotation of the wheel. Additional tests include evaluation of the adhesion uniformity of tapes and labels.