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Using the Romulus Workstation and the Pull Down Breaking Point Platform, stud pull tests result in a quantitative measure of the coating's or die's adhesion/adherence. All stud pull tests are performed by bonding the pre-epoxy coated face of a nail shaped stud to the sample surface, and then applying an exact perpendicular controlled rate of force until sample failure. Our 70 MPa (10,000 psi) epoxy bonds to virtually any solid, is low stressing if a small stud is used, and goes from enamel-like to water consistency just prior to polymerizing. This optimizes exact perpendicular stud mounts. A weaker epoxy is used for large area bonding such as die bond or SMT tests. Lower cure temperature epoxy is available.

Stud Pull Test Stud Pull Coating Adherence This test is applicable to the evaluation of any coating. Simply select the units of measure desired, insert a prepared sample in the apparatus for automatic detachment. The same fixture is used in axial lead pull strength and bonding media strength tests.

Stud Pull Die Bond Strength This Module supports Die-Bond, SMD and other bonded component tests according to Mil Std. 883, method 2027. This will require certain facilities and supplies not included with the basic Romulus.