Package Testing

The following two modules are available for package testing.


The Quad Group Package Torque Module is a precision torque system designed to test packages in the torque range between 0.1 in-lb to 200 in-lb. The unit is ideal for testing the torque breaking strength of packages or for nondestructively applying a predetermined torque to the sample as a simulation of operating load effects on package integrity. The unit is also adaptable to more general torque testing in the electronic, biomedical and packaging fields plus in general materials characterization.

Lead Pull

The Quad Pack Lead Pull Module is intended for use by the electronic packaging industry in the evaluation of pull strength for leads of planer leaded packages such as DIP packs, Quad packs and packages of the Co-Fire type. Any lead of a package up to 50 mm (2 in) on a side can be addressed and pulled from that package.

Pull Down Breaking Point Modules