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Quad Group produces top of the line materials testers. Our instruments can test material properties; some of which include adhesion strength, adherence, tensile strength and many more. See our products in the Our Products list above.

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The ROMULUS Universal Mechanical Strength Tester

The ROMULUS Universal Mechanical Strength Tester is a computer operated test instrument for evaluating all forms of adhesion, microelectronic Wafer Fab, Interconnect Technology, Materials Characterization, and many forms of coating and manufacturing Q.C. Tests. The ROMULUS employs a workstation which accommodates five optional interchangeable platforms (fraction of a gram to ton force ranges) and new test modules whose purpose is to connect their loads to a sample in various ways to new testers. Their five interchangeable platforms allow the user to configure over 50 different tests with one machine. Once any instrument is purchased, other platforms, modules and fixtures may be added individually as your testing needs change.